Spider-Man and Venom Battle a Shocking Enemy in Absolute Carnage

Absolute Carnage pits Cletus Kasady against Spider-Man, Venom and a host of other Marvel heroes. But as the series is showing, Carnage has a few unexpected allies to back him up.

Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for Absolute Carnage #2!


The first issue of Absolute Carnage ended with the Grendel-powered Carnage turning the inmates of Ravencroft Asylum into mindless Carnage clones. Cletus also recruited an insane Norman Osborn into the fold. Osborn already believes himself to be Cletus Kasaday, and now he has the symbiote powers to complete the illusion. Though unlike the rest of Carnage’s symbiote army, Osborn still retains his free will and quickly begins butting heads with his new master.

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