Move over Thronos, there’s a new Razer mega chair in town

Last year, I was both awed and terrified by the massive Acer Thronos gaming chair. It was a huge, mechanical monstrosity with three screens attached to an LED-encrusted metal arm that swooped down over your head, and you knew the moment you’d locked its fold-out keyboard tray into place that it was going to eat you alive and never let you leave.

Thankfully, Razer’s new Eracing Simulator Concept chair setup is a little less terrifying on that front, mostly because it looks like you’re free to leave at any given moment, but its wrap-around projection screen and hydraulic racing seat setup are no less impressive. As the name implies (and has been a running theme with the most interesting things to come out of this year’s CES tech fest), it’s just a concept right now, but here’s what your next racing setup could look like very soon.


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