I’m worried that MSI’s new HMI gaming monitor is going to kill me in my sleep

There have been plenty of new monitor announcements over the course of this week’s CES tech jamboree, but none have been more terrifying than MSI’s Optix MEG381CQR. This curved 38in ultrawide display is one of several new gaming screens coming from MSI this year, but it will be the first to incorporate Human Machine Interface elements, or HMI for short. It’s not entirely clear what benefit the HMI elements will bring to your gaming experience – so far, MSI have only mentioned being able to display real-time system info on the small dedicated LCD display below the main display (something most diagnostics apps do anyway) and using the “exclusive knob design” in the bottom corner of the monitor to optimise your PC.

The thing I’m more concerned about is the fact it looks like a Portal turret in disguise. This is one monitor I do not want to be left alone in a room with.


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