23 Great Student Discounts You Should Take Advantage Of

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There’s no point beating around the bush: college ain’t cheap, and you need to buy things. While some businesses offer student discounts, they aren’t always upfront about it.

So, here’s a no-nonsense list of 23 great student discounts that cover everything from computers to game consoles, and movie theaters to Amazon Prime. And food, of course.

What You Need to Get Student Discounts

Remember, you can’t just say “I’m a student,” and expect to get discounts. You need proof of enrollment. This comes in many shapes and sizes, but usually, online retailers require a .edu email address, and local businesses require a student ID.

Some websites that ask for a .edu email address actually do communicate with your school to make sure you’re enrolled. This only takes a second, as schools tend to keep an enrollment database on-hand for student discounts. If you’ve recently graduated or you’re taking a break, you might still be listed in your school’s enrollment database. Don’t let enrollment checks scare you—it’s always worth a shot.

Student Discount Websites

Before we get into specific student discounts, we should acknowledge there are websites and apps dedicated to student finance, wellness, and discounts. These apps are routinely updated with new and exclusive student discounts, so they’re worth keeping an eye on:

Unidays: While it’s cluttered with weird memes and “epic internships,” this app is useful for finding exclusive student discounts.
Save the Student: A website dedicated to student finances. It has a handy (albeit, bulky) list of student discounts.
Student Beans: This site is entirely dedicated to student discounts. It’s continuously updated with new and exclusive deals, so it’s worth visiting often.
STA Travel: This service is for traveling students. It’s great for getting discounts on flights and hotels.

Now that you’ve bookmarked some fancy student discount sites, it’s time to dig around for some deals.

Computers and Electronics
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If you’re in college, you need a computer. Thankfully, most major electronics retailers offer student discounts for select products. These aren’t site-wide, but they’re usually good for the essentials (and even some video games):

Best Buy: Worth a look if you want a new laptop. They routinely offer decent student discounts on select products.
Apple: Most computers are on sale for students, and they even throw in a free pair of Beats.
B&H: Need some electronics or photo equipment? They give you free shipping and discounts on some orders.
Dell: If you’re specifically looking for a laptop or desktop, they offer tons of student discounts.
Microsoft: Select products are discounted for students, including Xbox games and consoles.

Of course, you need more than a computer. Whether you’re studying medicine or architecture, you’re going to need some expensive software.

Professional Software
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Professional-grade software can usually be purchased with a student discount. Here’s a handful of popular software you might need for class:

Microsoft Office: Depending on your school, you might have free access to this. Check the Microsoft website and see if your school is eligible.
Adobe Creative Cloud: Students can get this suite for prices starting at $10 a month.
Music Software: Students can get massive discounts and extended finance plans for music software, like Ableton Live and ProTools.
Apple Pro Apps: A Pro software bundle that includes Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3 is available for $200 to students.
AutoDesk Fusion 360: This design software is totally free for students.

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