Gears 5: Review

When the credits rolled on Gears of War 4, one thing was clear: The Coalition hadn’t done enough to shake up a formula that had remained largely the same since its inception in 2006. Despite the introduction of stellar new characters and a tantalising narrative, it remained firmly rooted in the past – so much so that it became a detriment. Its linear focus hurt its world, which was clearly trying to grow beyond its own constraints.  It was a perfectly solid third-person shooter, but not the one Microsoft needed…

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23 Great Student Discounts You Should Take Advantage Of

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock There’s no point beating around the bush: college ain’t cheap, and you need to buy things. While some businesses offer student discounts, they aren’t always upfront about it. So, here’s a no-nonsense list of 23 great student discounts that cover everything from computers to game consoles, and movie theaters to Amazon Prime. And food, of course. What You Need to Get Student Discounts Remember, you can’t just say “I’m a student,” and expect to get discounts. You need proof of enrollment. This comes in many shapes and sizes,…

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