Overwatch League Teams Will Give Away Free Copies Of The Game Soon

Overwatch League teams will begin giving away free League Tokens and copies of Overwatch soon. Some new players were able to give Overwatch a test drive recently, as it was available for a free weekend on Xbox Live Gold in August.

Though the Overwatch giveaway hasn’t started yet, one team may have started the promotion early. Earlier this week, the Boston Uprising offered free copies of Overwatch to fans for a brief time but stopped when demand became overwhelming. The team didn’t say that it was connected to any larger project for the league, and no other teams have announced a giveaway starting yet.

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Now, players will get an official chance to win a free copy of Overwatch. According to Overwatch League vice president Jon Spector, the league is working with developer Blizzard and all of its pro teams to arrange a league-wide giveaway. Fans can win a free copy of Overwatch on PC and League Tokens. Spector says teams will make the details of their giveaways public soon and encourages interested fans to follow their favorite teams so they don’t miss the promotion.

The Overwatch League’s 2020 season was one of many gaming events to be affected this year by the coronavirus pandemic making in-person gatherings too dangerous to go on as planned. It started with the cancellation of all league matches in China in February and March when the country was still the center of the outbreak. Since then, the league has been able to adapt, moving matches to an online format that eliminated the live audience that previous years had relied on. In this year’s post-season, Overwatch League will host separate All-Stars events in Asia and North America since travel restrictions prevent players from the two regions from visiting one another.

Although the Overwatch League season eventually recovered for 2020 and played out in a mostly normal fashion, there was definitely something lost in the transition to an online format from the crowded stadium play that fans and competitors had gotten used to. Because of that, this season didn’t have quite the excitement that previous years have had for spectators. The upcoming giveaway of free Overwatch copies and League Tokens may be a way for both the league and Blizzard to make up for that. Despite the disruption of the pro season, Overwatch has continued as normal for casual players, holding regular events like the recent Tracer Comic Challenge to keep fans playing and chasing after new rewards.

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Source: Jon Spector/Twitter

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