Xbox Series X & S Pre-Orders Are Re-Opening For Some All Access Customers

The Microsoft Store is making Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders available again for some customers who couldn’t complete a pre-order using Xbox All Access during the first wave. Xbox All Access is a program that offers financing options for consoles and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Signing up for Xbox All Access with an Xbox Series S actually offers a slight discount when compared to buying the console and two years of Game Pass separately.

With the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 launching in just over a month, fans are eager to get their hands on one or both of the next-gen consoles. While that’s good news for Sony and Microsoft, it’s also led to a feverish race to secure a pre-order. The initial round of Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders went a little more smoothly than the rollout for PlayStation 5, but both pre-order offerings ended up with crashed retailer websites, failed transactions, and lots of players left without a guaranteed console on launch day. Both console makers have made limited stock of their new machines available again after the first day of pre-orders, but getting ahold of one seems at least as difficult now as it did in the first round.

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Microsoft is giving a limited number of customers another shot at pre-ordering an Xbox Series X or Series X again later this month. As reported by gaming deal-spotter Wario64, Microsoft is sending emails to some customers who tried to pre-order a next-gen console through Xbox All Access but couldn’t complete the transaction. The publisher says it will be making a limited number of consoles available, and selected customers will have 72 hours to get their pre-orders in. Microsoft says it will follow up with anyone who’s eligible for the next round of pre-orders by October 19.

Whether due to technical issues or just low stock, there seem to be quite a few of these customers still looking for a way to pre-order a console. In all likelihood, only a fraction of people who are still trying to secure a pre-order will actually be able to get one through this second chance program, but anyone who tried and failed to get in on Xbox All Access during the first day of pre-orders should keep a close eye on their inbox for that email.

It’s no surprise that next-gen consoles are going to be in short supply for launch day. With the COVID-19 pandemic still upending every facet of daily life for thousands of people around the globe, manufacturing supply chains are being disrupted just as much as everything else. There’s no telling when the consoles will be freely available post-launch, so this may be the best chance left to secure an Xbox Series X for those lucky enough to get the email.

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Source: Wario64

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