Fortnite’s The Kid LAROI Centred ‘Wild Dreams’ Event Gives Fans A Concert With Debut Tracks

Fortnite is no stranger to hosting concerts, and this time The Kid LAROI is on the set list with a new event that allows players to collect goodies and watch another musical event.

It’s that time of year again when Fortnite unleashes another massive musical event on its millions of fans, complete with an accompanying event that promises to give the dedicated some sweet loot. On Friday, the massive Epic Games juggernaut pulled back the curtain on the latest Wild Dreams Island event, which is billed as “an immersive sonic experience that chronicles LAROI’s journey from humble beginnings to headlining sold-out performances as a global superstar”. A trailer for the event can be seen below.

YouTube video


There will indeed be a The Kid LAROI character skin for fans to get their hands on, in the same vein as Ariana Grande, Marshmellow and Travis Scott, who have all had character skins both in-game and as part of the Fortnite Icon Series. The difference this time around is that the concert will include debut songs from The Kid LAROI, giving fans the chance to hear the songs for the first time ever, in Fortnite.

Fortnites The Kid Laroi Centred Wild Dreams Event Gives Fans A Concert Amp Other Swag 23012701

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