Robert De Niro shares his thoughts on his de-ageing in ‘The Irishman’

Special effects changed the age of the actor throughout the new film

Robert de NiroRobert de Niro says CGI will change the face of cinema

Robert De Niro has reacted to being de-aged for new film The Irishman.

Special effects see the actor’s age changing throughout the movie.

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Speaking to ET on the red carpet at the premiere of the new Netflix film, DeNiro spoke of the de-ageing in the film, reflecting: “It was OK. I just wanted it to work as best as it can.”

He continued: “They did a very good job, I felt. They tried to make it the best to date that it could be.”

The Irishman

Old friends: Al Pacino is reunited with Robert De Niro on screen in ‘The Irishman’.

De Niro previously said that advances in CGI means his career in acting could be “extended another 30 years”.

The Irishman has become Martin Scorsese’s best-reviewed film of all time, picking up a coveted 100% record on Rotten Tomatoes.

The new film, which stars De Niro alongside Al Pacino, comes out on November 1. An NME review of the film says it betters the pair’s previous link-up on Heat, and calls it an “epic crime drama”.

“If this is to be Pesci, De Niro and Scorsese’s final fling together, then they couldn’t wish to end on a better note,” Greg Wetherall wrote.

“The director’s 26th feature film is a meditative and classy offering. Hollywood’s old cronies are still the real deal – magnetic, riveting and unique. Let’s hope we see them again soon.”

Martin Scorsese has recently caused a war of words after saying that Marvel films are “not cinema”.

This week, Benedict Cumberbatch became the latest name to support Scorsese’s comments, while his views have met criticism from directors Taika Waititi and James Gunn.

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