People Are Sharing Hilariously Genius Ways To Banish Intrusive Self-Hating Thoughts

Many of us deal with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, and people develop different coping mechanisms to live with them. This one, put forward by Tumblr user bulbubsaur, may just be the most hilariously effective method so far.

Dissassociating from intrusive thoughts and experiencing them instead as coming from an annoying or laughable stranger seems to work for many people, the ability to ridicule and laugh the interlopers off gives an element of power and control back to the suffererer. After bulbubsaur shared her method, many others jumped on the thread to tell their own stories and ways of coping with their demons, and it is truly enlightening while darkly funny at the same time.

Of course, if you do suffer from anxiety or any other condition that gives rise to a troublesome inner voice, seek medical and psychological help. But at the same time, learning from the experiences of others is a valuable resource! So scroll down below to see bulbubsaur’s hilarious tip, and check out what people are doing to cope. And it’s all served with a healthy dose of humor thrown into the mix!

This woman shared a tip on how to deal with anxiety

Image credits: Amanda Niles


Many people were able to relate, and responded with their own experiences and ideas


After the thread went viral, many other people responded too


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