HBO returns to the ‘Watchmen’ universe to ponder: Who really makes the world?

In the grand scheme of human history, the quaint notions of equality among all persons and representative democracy are relatively new. Sure, one can see hints of the ideas in the works of ancient political philosophers, and in certain acts which are the foundation on which later ideas of modern civil rights grew from (e.g., the Magna Carta). However, as a belief which people take somewhat seriously, most of the tenets of a modern democracy are fairly recent developments. And even among the societies that have aspired to these kinds of principles for centuries, there…

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One Man Perfectly Shut Down People Who Said Forever 21 Is Racist For Having A White Model Promote Black Panther Sweater

Not such a long time has passed since the fast fashion giant H&M got slammed as ‘racist’ for featuring a photo on their website with a black boy wearing a jumper saying “The coolest monkey in the jungle.” Now another behemoth of cheap clothes – Forever 21 – is facing backlash from the internet after sharing a photo on Twitter and their website, featuring a white model wearing a Wakanda Forever sweater. The advertised holiday sweater is inspired by the movie Black Panther – a huge Hollywood hit that was…

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Stan Lee’s Speech About Racism In 1968 Is More Important Today Than It Ever Was

News broke that Stan Lee has died at the age of 95 and fans over the world are not only mourning, but honoring the legend with countless tributes. Stan Lee penned for many comic books throughout his career, including such stories as the iconic Daredevil, The Amazing Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, etc. But Lee wasn’t known just for being a comic book writer and creator of many of our beloved heroes, he was also a huge inspiration to many people around the globe who found comfort and solace in his creations.…

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