HEAVY METAL Magazine is Back With a Bold New Creative Strategy

Since its inception in 1977, Heavy Metal Magazine has built a storied legacy, serving as both the forefront of the avant-garde for established fantasy/science fiction visionaries as well as a proving ground for upcoming mind-blowing artists. Though fading from the limelight in recent years, the publisher appears to be ready to ramp things up, now under the keen direction of CEO Matt Medney (HERØ Records), having been named last December, and new “Creative Overlord” and Publisher David Erwin, previously of DC Comics and Hasbro joining in March. Rebuilding a label with…

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Stan Lee’s Speech About Racism In 1968 Is More Important Today Than It Ever Was

News broke that Stan Lee has died at the age of 95 and fans over the world are not only mourning, but honoring the legend with countless tributes. Stan Lee penned for many comic books throughout his career, including such stories as the iconic Daredevil, The Amazing Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, etc. But Lee wasn’t known just for being a comic book writer and creator of many of our beloved heroes, he was also a huge inspiration to many people around the globe who found comfort and solace in his creations.…

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The Way This Man Takes Pictures With Superheroes Is Both Genius And Funny

Malaysian Wire Hon creates fun scenes with superhero dolls from the Marvel and DC Comics franchises using only his smartphone. According to his Instagram – “everybody needs a hobby…” and he couldn’t have done a better job at choosing his own, for it is incredible and fun! The screenplay involves the whole family – his wife and children are always on hand lest their participation is required. 30 minutes is all the time it takes for Wire Hon to capture a shot of a carefully staged scene, before it is…

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