Saints Row: How To Upgrade and Customize Weapons

Saints Row: How To Upgrade and Customize Weapons

The objective of Saints Row is to become “self-made”, but there’s no way you’re going to accomplish that without the right set of weapons. So, if you’ve just started out on your journey to take over Santo Ileso and want to know how to purchase, upgrade, and customize your weapons, you’ve come to the right place.

As this is Saints Row, after all, there are plenty of crazy and over-the-top weapons for players to get their hands on. But it is worth noting that not all weapons are available to purchase straight away, some of the more unique weapons require players to complete certain missions and criminal ventures to unlock them.

How To Purchase Weapons In Saints Row

Aside from the more unique weapons that require players to complete specific missions and ventures to unlock, players can visit the designated gun stores around the map to purchase new weapons.

The stores can be located by opening your map from your phone and navigating to the green gun symbol in Santo Ileso. There are numerous stores around the map, simply walk into the building, speak to the employee and you will be prompted with a menu where you can purchase various assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and more.

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How To Upgrade And Customize Weapons In Saints Row

Upgrading and customizing weapons can only be done at the gun stores around Santo Ileso, which can be located via the green gun symbol on your map.

Simply enter the gun store and talk to the cashier by pressing ‘Triangle’. You will then be prompted with a menu of weapons, make sure you have first purchased a weapon before you attempt to upgrade or customize it. Select the weapon you’d like to customize by pressing ‘X’, a drop-down menu will then appear. Scroll down to ‘Upgrade’ and purchase the upgrade for a buff to your weapon.

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