Live A Live: Best Items To Craft In The Prehistory Chapter

Live A Live: Best Items To Craft In The Prehistory Chapter

The Prehistory Chapter in Live A Live, along with Near Future Chapter are the only two chapters that require the player to craft and experiment with the material they acquire. Here we talk about the best way to get crafting material and which weapons/armor/accessories have the best stats and helpful effects.

The Haystack Minigame

Live A Live Prehistory Chapter Haystack Game
  • The Haystack minigame is a choice-based game that players can get into as soon as they get out of Pogo’s room at the beginning of the chapter. The room with the mini-game is just to the right of Pogo’s room. Winning in this game once will allow Pogo to acquire one copy of every available basic crafting material in the Prehistory chapter.
  • There are two variants of the Haystack minigame, and they both require you to choose the correct haystack, according to the instructions of the caveman. The instructions are for the player to choose the correct haystack with the right attributes that the caveman has decided on.
  • The caveman will pop out two bubbles and will point to the bubble with the smaller or larger number of cavemen depending on what he wants. Cavemen will start flowing into each haystack and you have to check quickly how many went into each haystack. If you choose wrong, nothing happens, but if you make the right call, you will get as much material as you desire.
  • The other variant is where the caveman will point to a bubble with your friend Gori in it. This means instead of counting cavemen, you will have to observe which haystack did your friend hide into, and you will simply win.

The materials you will get are Bone, Stick, Beast Horn, Beast Fang, Pelt, Dried Skins, and Hard Rock. These are the seven basic materials you will be mixing and matching to create items or more advanced crafting materials. There are many combinations and lots of choices, but since you can play the game any number of times, we have just decided to go with the best material in each category.

Also, it’s better to craft early on, since the mini-game can get inaccessible later in the chapter. The first craft chance will be available if you go to the far left end of the cave, and you will find a Caveman who will be happy to make the weapons and armor you want for the required items.

Prehistory Chapter Best Items to Craft

Prehistory Chapter Live A Live Thump Drum

You don’t have to worry about not crafting everything early on, since crafting will be available until the end of the prehistory chapter. Also, the cavemen who craft things later will have smoother and faster craft animations than the first one, so it might be better to just wait until you reach any of them later on.

Attack Items

The best weapon in terms of attack is the Fury Knife for Pogo. It has a +26 Attack and can be crafted using a Stone Knife (Bone + Hard Rock) and a Leather Strap (Pelt + Stone Knife). There is an alternative choice which is the Quick Spear (Bone or Stick + Stone Knife) for both Beru and Pogo. It gives you +21 Attack and +10 Speed, and this might be the optimal choice to offset the -10 Speed decrease in the Fertility Charm, an important self-heal accessory.

Vacant Hand Items

There are few choices in that section and they are the Bang Glove and Thump Drum. Bang Glove (Dried Skins + Hard Rock) gives you +16 Attack and +5 Defense. The Thump Drum (Bone/Stick + Dried Skins) is a more versatile option as it can be equipped in your hand or as an accessory. The former will give you a +12 special attack, while the latter will give you a +6 special attack but as an accessory, meaning you can craft and equip more than one copy of it. It also works for both Pogo and Beru.


There are specific armor pieces for Pogo and Beru you can craft. For Pogo, there is the Wildheart Armor (Dried Skins + Stone Knife), which gives pogo +16 Def, +10 Physical Def, and -8 Speed. As for Beru, you can choose between the defense-oriented Wildheart Dress (Pelt +Leather Strap) for a whooping +32 Def and +10 Special Def, or the attack-oriented Wildheart Sack (Dried Skins + Leather Strap) for +36 Attack +20 Physical attack and +8 Special Defense.


Time to make something for poor Gori. The Beastkin Cap (Pelt + Beast Horn or Bone) will give it +3 Def and +10 Speed. As for Beru and Pogo, the other helmet equipable by the two is the Laughing Mask (Dried Skins + Beast Horn or Beast Fang). It gives the +15 Special Attack and +7 Defense.


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