Overwatch: 10 Tips and Tricks For Reaper Mains

Overwatch: 10 Tips and Tricks For Reaper Mains

Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch has continued to heighten in popularity since 2016. Reaper is the most deadly attacker at close range in Overwatch, and he’ll continue to be one of the best in Overwatch 2. Carrying two shotguns, he’s the best tank killer on the roster. If you’re here you probably want to start playing Reaper and want to understand him better. He’s an easy character to play, but difficult to master. Being a good Reaper player could be the difference between a devastating defeat and a triumphant victory.

10/10 Know Who To Take On

Reaper holds his two shotguns as apart of the Overwatch roster.

Knowing who Reaper is able to counter is essential to using him right. He counters the following characters:

  • Roadhog – Reaper can hit easy headshots on Roadhog due to his large hitbox and size.
  • Winston – Reaper hits hard and Winston won’t be able to handle it. He also has easy headshots.
  • Bastion – Reaper will have to teleport behind someone like Bastion, especially when he’s in his turret mode.
  • Mei – Using Wraith against her before she freezes you is necessary to win this fight, but it can be done with Reaper.
  • Mercy – Taking Mercy out is a must and for Reaper it’s easy. Get behind the opposing team’s tank and take her out.
  • D.Va – She does little damage even at close range, letting Reaper melt her, even when she’s in her mech.
  • Zenyatta – If close enough, Zenyatta is like a giant guaranteed headshot for Reaper. Zenyatta at close range won’t be as effective, putting Reaper at a massive advantage.
  • Hanzo – Again, teleport behind the enemy team and take Hanzo out quickly as his aim will have to be perfect to take Reaper out.
  • Torbjorn – Reaper can teleport behind and take out Torbjorn’s painful turret, then similar to Zenyatta he is like a giant headshot for Reapers dual-wielding shotguns.
  • Sigma – Sigma doesn’t have a fast fire rate and won’t be able to take out Reaper. His shield will be of little use to him when Reaper is up in his face.
  • Reinhardt – Reinhardt is the toughest counter as he is too deadly at close range. However, if you can stay close, but out of reach of his hammer, Reaper can take him out in a one-to-one battle.

9/10 Know Who To Avoid

Genji holds his shuriken in Hanamura.

Luckily Reaper doesn’t have too many counters, but there are a few characters that pose a serious risk to him.

  • Genji – Has the ability to reflect Reaper’s bullets.
  • Zarya – Zarya can use Reapers’ immense power to strengthen herself, making her a deadly foe.
  • Pharah – Reaper is useless against Pharah due to her long-ranged attacks.
  • Cassidy – Cassidy is also a tough opponent due to his range and stun ability.

8/10 Have The High Ground

Reaper holding his shotguns with a backdrop of sakura trees Hanamura

If you remember how Obi-Wan and Anakin’s duel went, you’ll remember that the high-ground works. Reaper’s teleport ability is key for this. Few characters can get to higher ground than Reaper, so already there’s not too much of a threat. Using this high ground can be used in anticipation of his ultimate, or simply getting behind the enemy team. Either way, it’s extremely handy and the enemy team won’t notice if you time movements well.

7/10 Use Wraith Only When Needed

Reaper using his wraith ability in front of Tracer.

His wraith ability is extremely handy and can get Reaper out of extremely sticky situations. The best time to use this is when the enemy team uses their abilities or ults. It’s an obvious tip, but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and use it in order to get somewhere faster or get out if there’s a sign of danger. Wraith can be used smartly, for example, a Hanzo is using his ultimate. You can just wraith by it without worrying about damage while getting closer to the Hanzo to take him out. Only wraith if it is for escape.

6/10 Time His Ultimate

Reaper using death blossom and getting a triple kill.

Reaper has one of the most devastating ultimates in the game. A whole team can easily be wiped if it is used efficiently. Although the trouble is it leaves Reaper extremely exposed. Crouching while using it can help avoid some damage. Make sure enemies can’t interrupt it either. For example, Roadhog or Cassidy can easily stun and take Reaper out of it. For example, if there’s a Cassidy perhaps take him out first or use the ultimate instantly on him and kill him quick. Meanwhile, someone like Roadhog can tank a lot of the damage and even heal through it, so taking him out before an ult would be essential.

5/10 Team-Based Ultimate

Zarya uses graviton surge to gather all enemies.

The best way to use this is with team coordination. Reapers ult is easy to counter when he’s alone using it. A combo with Zarya, Reinhardt, or Ana’s ultimates is deadly and gives the enemy team little chance. Shields make Reapers ultimate futile. So, if someone like Sombra were to use her ultimate it would be a perfect chance for Reaper to use his as the enemy team can’t use shields even if it’s only for a second or two. Solo Ulting is still fine however and can work, still having teammates will be a benefit.

4/10 Take Out Those Tanks

Remember the start where it said Reaper is a tank killer? Help your team and kill those tanks. Tanks are the foundation of any team and a good tank will often lead a team to victory. This is where Reaper comes in. Use teleport and get behind the enemy team, and yes it can be hard to resist going for an easy kill on another attacker, but the enemy tanks are what’s holding them there. You don’t have to kill the tank exactly but lower their health enough to where they have to retreat.

3/10 Flank

Reaper has flanked the enemy team successfully.

Have those healers been keeping their tanks and attacker alive this whole time? Reaper needs to go behind enemy lines and teach the healers a lesson. This is where Reaper can teleport behind the support who are healing the rest of the team. Reaper needs to take out the support, so taking out the tanks and attackers will be far easier. Now that healers are gone Reaper can go behind the tanks and attackers and finish off the enemies.

2/10 Close And Personal

Reaper gets up close to eliminate Symmetra

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