Children of Silentown – Official Reveal Trailer

Watch the eerie trailer for this upcoming dark adventure game, Children of Silentown, for a look at gameplay and more.

Lucy lives in a small village surrounded by deep woods filled with monsters. Lucy and her friends are afraid of them and not even their dreams are safe places to play. It’s not unusual for Silentown’s inhabitants to vanish without a trace, but now the young girl feels it’s time for her to investigate. Search the village for clues, solve puzzles, meet quirky characters and animals, and deal with a very mean cat. But beware: Do not enter the forest.

In Children of Silentown, Lucy can solve curious puzzles by combining various items for surprising results or play minigames with the village’s other children. Music plays an important role and learning to sing helps Lucy in tricky situations.

Children of Silentown is headed to PC and consoles in early 2022.

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