‘Neo Cab’ game captures the emotional ride of Uber and Lyft drivers


Lina Romero is the last human ride-share driver working for Neo Cab in a small electric vehicle. She’s up against the massive Capra company with its autonomous pod vehicles in the fictional city of Los Ojos, California. 

This is what gamifying the Uber and Lyft driver experience is like in the upcoming computer and mobile game Neo Cab from game developer Chance Agency. The dystopian cyberpunk game will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam starting on Oct. 3. It’s also part of the new Apple Arcade gaming service for iOS devices.

The narrative-driven game follows Lina over the course of seven nights as a Neo Cab driver. You decide who she picks up, what she says to passengers, and how she should spend her hard-earned money (obviously she’s paid in cryptocurrency). As Lina, you earn pay and star ratings, just like real-life drivers. To stay active you need a 4.7 rating or higher, so you can’t just numbly shuttle people around. You have to interact with passengers — appropriately and effectively. Read more…

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