Midtown Comics Presents Special Guest Tom Taylor: From Down Under to the Big Apple

What do zombie rage monsters and the land down under have in common? No, it’s not that they’re both integral parts of my zombie apocalypse survival plan, its famed DCeased writer Tom Taylor! He can boast about being the only Marvel/DC writer in the entire country of Australia!?

Australia: the home of some of the strangest and deadliest
creatures on earth. If you’re a flat earther, it’s a place you might even
believe doesn’t exist, a far off place somewhere near Westeros and Narnia.

I mean, they have a PLATYPUS on their currency!

So when he flew 28 hours all the way to New York City for a
signing at Midtown Comics Downtown, we knew we had to sit down with him and get
the scoop on his latest projects DCeased and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Dceased Midtown Comics Variant Connecting Covers InHyuk Lee Dceased #1 Death of Superman Zombie Lois and Dceased #2 Zombie Jason Todd crowbars Joker

As tempted as we were, we tucked away our best Crocodile Dundee quotes to sit down with Tom Taylor at our Main Office for a candid Roundtable discussion. He shares his thoughts on Endgame, reveals his son’s favorite character, why he’s always torturing characters we love, we talk about how to bring Doom into the MCU’s Phase 4, and Tom admits that Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 is meant to make you cry in public. Watch the video above to hear him reveal which characters will show up in the upcoming DCeased issues!

DCeased is DC’s new series which takes place in a world
where a digital virus which turns people into crazy rage monsters, and the
heroes and villains of the DCU will have to fight to survive. But just because
they have super powers doesn’t mean they are exempt from infection.

Midtown Comics has created Variant covers for the first two issues, and it looks like we’ll be doing variants for the entire run! Our DCeased issue #1 features the iconic final panel of the death of Superman. Lois clutches the lifeless body of her love as she cries over his corpse…. But wait, is she squeezing the life out of him?

Then for issue DCeased #2 we gave Jason Todd a taste of the satisfying revenge we all craved! Sometimes it feels good to be bad, and Jason showing Joker some crowbar/face love was exactly the kind of fan service we’re looking for!

With requests from DCeased writer Tom Taylor and cover artist InHyuk Lee on Twitter to have revenge themed covers for all the issues, it looks like we’ll have to oblige the request. I mean, who would say no to those legends?

Tom Taylor InHyuk Lee Twitter conversation on Midtown Comics Dceased Variant connecting covers

We really did have a blast hanging out with Tom at the
signing, and the road trip style car ride through the concrete jungle of New
York City. He delighted us all with scary stories about life in Australia
(seriously, one of them involves a swarm of bees which attracted a horde of
hungry bee eating spiders…into his car…)

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Midtown Comics Tom Taylor Signing DCeased

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