I’m confused about her behavior

So I'm 32 and she's 31. We've been married for 10 years now and I filed for divorce about a month ago.

Interactions have been awkward since everything happened and we finally sat down about 2 weeks ago and had a post mortem conversation. We talked about forgiveness and how we can be better moving forward with our lives.

After this conversation, she started to be more friendly with me and even trying to joke around. At first, I took this as a sign of keeping things light in spite of the current events. She even asked me to go see Captain Marvel with her. I blatantly asked if this was a date and she said no, that it was just two people seeing a movie together. I reluctantly agreed and we went.

It was a decent night, but I was in a sour mood and got short with her. The next day she even hinted at us having sex! I avoided that topic and her like the plague, as I was running late to meet some family anyhow. And then that night, her demeanor was distant again, and she said she was just ready to get the divorce over with. However! The day after that, she was all friendly again! She's been talking to me and cutting up again, and even asked me yesterday, how I was going to make it up to her for being sour the week before.

I can't pinpoint her angle here. I feel like this is a test of some sort and I don't like being played. I still have every desire and intention on moving forward with the divorce, and I've made that clear. It just seems like she's in denial now. Hoping I can get some insight here.

Sorry for such the long story. Again, any help is appreciated.

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