German Cockroaches and Water

I moved out of a roach infested apartment roughly a month ago and into a new apartment recently. And I'm pretty sure I brought a few stragglers with me in my belongings. Most of those have died by now.

BUT. Before I moved, I had my computer in the apartment (not setup. unplugged). My concern is if any roaches managed to find their way into my computer. Btw, its one of those gaming computers that have a bunch of grates on it for cooling (so it has plenty of places for roaches to get in)

Now, when I moved out, I bagged my computer in a large garbage bag. It's been several weeks since I've left it in the bag. Could the german roaches have survived? Or possible eggs?

TLDR: Possible roaches in my pc, which is now quarantined in a trash bag. How long can german roaches survive without food and water?

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