‘Dog of War’ ad makes Kratos a very good boy

When you think about it, “dog” really is just “god” spelled backwards, and a new God of War commercial playing in Europe hammers home that point with some hilarious results. The advertisement shows a panicking marketer who’s just realized he’s made a terrible spelling mistake, resulting in some terrified faces from PlayStation executives. But, let’s be honest: We’d be just as excited to play Dog of War as God of War. Watch the ad below. H/T Game Informer The post ‘Dog of War’ ad makes Kratos a very good boy…

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Don’t have time to replay the ‘God of War’ trilogy? Here’s a recap.

How did Kratos get here? The new God of War picks up many years after a trilogy that kicked off in 2005. Kratos has a new home. A wife and child. A fresh lease on life. The game of course creates a whole new set of problems, but he had a nice run for a while there. SEE ALSO: In ‘God of War,’ the biggest surprise is how familiar everything is While 2018’s God of War doesn’t tie directly back to the original trilogy, there are good reasons to play…

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The Series Is A PlayStation Exclusive Because An Xbox’s Graphics Card Is Designed To Recognize No Other Gods Before Christ: Everything You Need To Know About ‘God Of War’

The latest game in the ‘God Of War’ series may also be the best. Though several elements of the franchise’s gameplay design were overhauled in this entry, the risks paid off and earned the high praise of both critics and longtime fans of ‘God Of War.’ Here’s everything you need to know about the PS4 smash hit before… Read more… Read more: clickhole.com

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