Valorant: Best Agents Ranked

Valorant tier list: the best agents for ranked

Our Valorant tier list isn’t for the highest elo or solo-queue heroes, instead we’re ranking all of the Valorant characters based on their potential effectiveness in the average ranked match. We always suggest playing with at least two or three friends so you can actually string some strats together, hence why you won’t spot hard-carry agents like Reyna near the top of our list.

This tier list also takes the current meta into consideration, so while some agents are very powerful on paper, you’ll find their abilities hard to use in ranked because of how most team’s generally play. Utility is essential in Valorant and can make the difference between securing a plant and getting trapped in spawn, so smokes, delaying utility, and corner-clearing flashes are generally what separate S-tier from C-tier. Anything that counters Operator plays is good in our books.

If your team is trying to figure out what comp they should be running in ranked then hopefully our Valorant tier list will help you out. We’ve done our research tuning into pro streams and dying countless times over in ranked play so you don’t have to.

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