Nier: Automata – Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

After players finish NieR: Automata and get ending A, there are still several Routes to take and several more endings to experience. In fact, there are at least three more campaigns for players to complete after the first playthrough, but these are hidden until the end of the credits. When players begin the game, they will take on the role of 2B, an android sent to Earth from a human colony on the moon to end the reign of powerful androids and allow humanity to return home. The first part of the game ends on a mild cliffhanger, which should serve as a clue to players that there is still more content in store.

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After playing through the game once, players can then restart the game, this time from the perspective of 2B’s companion, 9S. This will include new content as well as some retreading, allowing the player to experience the game in a new way and with a brand-new combat style. Beyond those two story paths, there are still at least three more possible endings to achieve, with the entire back third of the game hidden beyond these two first playthroughs. With so much post-game content to explore, players can get the most out of the game when they continue after beating it. Here’s what to do after beating NieR: Automata the first time.

NieR: Automata introduces players to a sprawling and complex RPG world with nearly half the game hidden for them to casually stumble upon, almost like a character would. Once players finish Ending A, they will need to choose to begin the game again and experience Ending B from 9S’s perspective. They will then need to continue further through more endings to reach the game’s true conclusion. Here’s everything to do after beating the game.

Play Through Endings B-E

The game works almost in separate campaigns, and while players are asked to repeat some parts, they are handsomely rewarded by a gross of new content. The game has five official endings. The first playthrough will result in the player reaching Ending A. Then, they will go back at the end of the credits and play the whole campaign again, this time from the perspective of 9S.

Upon beating the game that way, there will be a third campaign to complete, where players’ choices will ultimately lead them to Ending C or D. Upon completing that, they will unlock Chapter Select, which they will need to use to play through the ending they did not choose initially. At that point, they will unlock more content which takes them to a mini-game and Ending E, the official end of the game.

As most of the game’s content takes place here, players are encouraged to continue through all of these endings before putting the game away.

Unlock the Joke Endings

In addition to the five major endings, the developers included 21 other “joke” endings, named for each remaining letter of the alphabet. Players can unlock and access these upon achieving Ending E. Each one requires something different. Some ask the player to deliberately fail at a main task during any of the main five tracks. Some tell the player to fully upgrade a weapon or run from bosses rather than fighting them, or remove your own operating system chip.

Though these endings are not canon, they are part of the game and can be a fun way to get a little more content. They can also allow players to replay the game and roleplay with different choices.

Complete the Side Quests

Once players unlock the Chapter Select option, they will have an easier way to determine whether they have completed all the side quests in a chapter and area. As with any RPG, players are encouraged to go back and complete all the side quests for special rewards and achievements.

Players can also find more lore and earn EXP for these side quests. Completing the game 100% can also add a devastating dimension to a final choice players are asked to make during a mid-credits coda.

Read the Lore and Side Materials

Much of the story of NieR: Automata can only be found in side materials, including short stories, scripts, and a special wiki. Players who want to know more about the story and the world should read these materials if possible.

It also helps to replay the game after beating it and after reading the lore to see all the more subtle hints toward the endgame and notice details missed in the first playthrough. The lore of such a sprawling, open-world is extensive, and players should experience it fully when possible.

Finish Upgrading Weapons and Earning Achievements

After beating the game, players can also use Chapter Select to go back through and fully upgrade their weapons. It is also not difficult to earn all the available achievements in the game, so players can go back and be sure to complete them all after beating the game.

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NieR: Automata is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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