Long-awaited ‘Torchlight III’ Enters Early Access

Torchlight III

Perfect World Entertainment has released Torchlight III into early access, eight years after the release of Torchlight II.

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The long-awaited hack-and-slash sequel is set a century after the events of Torchlight II, and is the first in the series to be developed by Echtra Games. It currently features four playable classes, two acts and a multiplayer mode.

Torchlight III also features a brand-new Fort feature, where players can upgrade gear and stash new crafting recipes. Friends and other online players will be able to randomly encounter your fort, and vice versa, while traversing through the game’s world.

The game was first revealed during PC Gaming Show 2020. Watch the Torchlight III announcement here.

Echtra Games later noted that early access is set to last “at least a few months while we refine the game further and add new features and end game content,” according to IGN. When Torchlight III is fully released, it will include a third act, a yet-to-be-released end game experience and the ability to play the game in single player mode without an internet connection.

Torchlight III was first announced as Torchlight Frontiers back in 2018, and was planned to feature a MMO-like “shared world” experience and would have been free-to-play. However, earlier this year, Perfect World and Echtra scrapped the free-to-play model in favour of a premium release instead.

Torchlight III is currently available in early access for the PC on Steam. It is unknown if the game will be released on consoles in the future.

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