Keanu Reeves Recreated The Sad Keanu Meme For His Comic

Actor Keanu Reeves is best known for his iconic roles in films like The MatrixJohn Wick, and the Bill & Ted series. However, Keanu is also known for starring in one of the most popular memes that has ever been spawned from the Internet: Sad Keanu. Now Keanu Reeves himself has teamed up with artist Ron Garney and has recreated the meme for his upcoming comic.

The ‘Sad Keanu’ meme originated from a photo of the talented actor from 2010. In the paparazzi shot, Reeves is sitting on a park bench looking sad while enjoying a sandwich. The meme has been photoshopped to oblivion, but the best version of the meme is still the original of Reeves sitting on the bench while getting unexpectedly photographed. It seems Reeves has a good sense of humor about the photo, as he recreated the image for his own comic book series BRZRKR.

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Keanu’s new comic – which he’s putting together alongside with Matt Kindt, Bill Crabtree, Clem Robins, & Ron Garney – launched its Kickstarter today with BOOM! Studios publishing the book. The comic is written by Reeves and stars an immortal warrior (who bears a striking resemblance to the actor) who seeks vengeance. The main character, named Berzerker, works for the U.S. government, taking on jobs deemed too violent for regular workers to take on. The comic wears its inspiration on its sleeve, as the Kickstarter even references the book is perfect for fans of Wolverine and John Wick. It appears Keanu is willing to meme it up in the project, as he recreated the “Sad Keanu meme” for the book.

Venom writer Donny Cates revealed on Twitter that when he met with Reeves about the project, the actor mentioned he thought it would be funny if the ‘Sad Keanu’ meme somehow made its way into the comic. Cates said he was very happy to see the idea made it into the art (which isn’t final).

It seems the ‘Sad Keanu’ reference in BRZRKR paints a much-more serious picture than the original picture did. An immortal berserker sitting somberly in the rain while he ponders his life versus Keanu just sitting and enjoying a sandwich (albeit while looking somewhat despondent) paint two tonally different pictures. Still, it’s amazing to see Keanu Reeves pushed to include the meme in the project. It’s a small easter egg that is immediately recognizable but doesn’t take away from the story. BRZRKR is on Kickstarter now.

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