Invader Zim Comic Will End With Issue 50

I have a preference for comics that make me laugh. This is a problem.

In the dark ages of the 90s, there was nothing. But in our modern era there are all sorts of comics, in all sorts of genres…action, detective, cutesy, scary, slice of life, anything. There’s plenty to please any age or gender. The only category that’s still hard to track down is….humor, for some irritating reason. GOOD humor is rarer still.

Oni Press’s Invader Zim comic, published since 2015, comes closest to what I want out of a comic book. There is a constant, consistent effort to get you to laugh, and it’s actually effective at doing so. It translates the dark humor and manic screaming energy of the classic cartoon perfectly, which is no mean feat for this medium. Most animated shows lose something when translated to print; like gourmet dinner leftovers in a microwave.

But not Zim! The guys behind this comic are the same guys who were behind the TV show, including creator Jhonen Vasquez. It really is like getting new episodes of the show, to the point that when Enter The Florpus was made, the first twenty minutes of material were adapted directly from the comic.

So, all this being said, it is with heavy heart that I bring you this news: the Invader Zim comic is ending. Issue 50 will be shipping to comic shops in March as the final issue.

BUT….the Irken race doesn’t give up that easily! The regular series will be replaced by Invader Zim Quarterly, a giant-sized comic of stand-alone stories to be released four times a year. The first of these, “Gir’s Big Day,” will be crashing into comic shops in April.

And there’s more: the best material from the previous series will be collected in Invader Zim: Best of World Domination, which will retail for $9.99 and be released alongside the long-awaited The Art of Invader Zim hardcover. Because the only thing that can fill the Zim-shaped hole in our lives is more Zim.

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