How to livestream today with Oculus Connect

Virtual reality is largely an expensive hobby for Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg today, but the company hopes that within the decade, it can build out an entire VR empire for the social media giant to conquer.

Later this morning, we’ll get a taste of the future of VR from Facebook at the Oculus Connect 5 keynote. We’ll see the company’s latest hardware efforts, the future of gaming on the platforms and perhaps a taste of what they have planned for the next couple years of their product lineup.

The action all starts at 10:00am PT.

We’ll be covering the breaking news and offering our analysis on the day’s events, but feel free to follow along with the livestream for the big updates from the Oculus and Facebook teams.

You can check out a livestream of the keynote on the Oculus Facebook page or Oculus YouTube channel.

Additionally, if you’re an Oculus Go or Gear VR owner, you’ll actually be able to watch the keynote in virtual reality. I’ve never found keynotes shot in 360-degrees to be particularly engaging, but if you’re excited about the announcements and want to stay super on-brand, you can dive into the Oculus Venues app later this morning to get the lowdown.

What should you be expecting? Chances are Oculus will cram a lot of announcements into the keynote, but we’ve broken down some of the pieces of hardware and trends you should be expecting. So check it out.


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