GTA 6 Could Feature Massive Project Americas Map

A new leak has emerged that hints at Grand Theft Auto 6, codename rumored to be “Project Americas,” being even more massive than gamers may have thought. A little over a year ago, the “Project Americas” leak aimed to fill in the industry on what Rockstar has been working on for its next main addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This set the gears in motion for a lot of what gamers assume about GTA 6 today, including the existence of multiple cities in the game.

However, with so many leaks that contradict each other, it’s hard to pick and choose what to believe and what’s nothing more than gossip. For example, it was reported in January that GTA 6 would center on two protagonists: one male, one female. However, this directly conflicts with the “Project Americas” leak, which indicates that the game will feature a single, male protagonist, supposedly named Ricardo. Of course, with every leak and rumor that goes unsubstantiated, the community is advised to take caution and not accept any of it as factual, but gamers still want something to latch onto to begin their speculations, making contradictory reports like these a nightmare.

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The latest leak reported by Dexerto comes from a 4chan post, and it further clashes with the “Project Americas” leak. The anonymous 4chan user posted on March 29 that “There will be a total of 5 contiguous ‘cities’ across 5 states,” and “There is a 6th city in another location…” “Project Americas” mentions only a few cities: Vice City, an unnamed city based on Rio de Janeiro, and some Liberty City appearances. Both leakers claim to have some connection to Rockstar. The “Project Americas” poster claimed to have friends working for Rockstar, Kotaku, and PC Gamer, while this new leaker supposedly has “worked in a coordinating capacity with Rockstar for quite some time now.”

This 4chan poster also declines to reply to any comments or reveal their identity. However, their confidence that the reports will be corroborated is high, as they say, “You’ll find out how right I am much sooner than you think as the news wire art is already finished and ready.” Thankfully, other evidence exists to back this claim up. While the industry has been anticipating news on the game for years with pretty much no concrete information from Rockstar to go off of, back in February, Rockstar posted a job listing that hints at a possible trailer releasing soon.

All of this information comes without any support from Rockstar or its parent company, Take-Two Interactive. However, Take-Two is likely a dead end when it comes to GTA 6 information. In March, the CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, stated that any GTA 6 announcement would come straight from Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto V has sold more than 140 million copies as of February of this year, making it the second-best-selling game of all time. Rockstar loves to make those 140 million fans squirm in anticipation. The company is famous amongst the gaming community for sneaking leaks into its games and websites to show fans what’s to come. In fact, Rockstar “[tests] new assets and mechanics constantly in GTAO. I genuinely don’t know how you all aren’t seeing it,” according to the anonymous 4chan poster.

Rockstar’s incredible track record and silence in regards to GTA6 has the community grasping at straws for any info they can get their hands on. However, they may not have to wait much longer. An official Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement could come sooner rather than later.

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Source: Dexerto

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