Godfall: Release Date and All the Latest Details

Godfall release date and all the latest details

Looking for the Godfall PC release date, whether we can expect a potential Steam launch, and what kind of experience awaits you? Gearbox has carved out quite the niche for themselves as purveyors of all things loot-related. The Borderlands series’ increasingly absurd arsenal of lootable weapons started it all off, and now the studio is turning to publishing for Godfall, a bright fantasy action-RPG being made by Counterplay Games. While making the combat feel suitably crunchy is a key focus for the studio, lootable weapons and armour are just as important.

As one of the first next-gen games to have been shown off, a lot of eyes are on Godfall. Fortunately, Counterplay Games’ looter-slasher is also coming to PC via the Epic Games Store, so we’re not being left out of this one.

So far we’ve only had a few short glimpses of Godfall’s combat and loop, plus the odd detail from interviews. Join us as we round up all of the essential Godfall details, from the PC release date and trailers, to its potential Steam launch, gameplay information, and more.

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  1. I’m weirdly excited for this game, all the videos I’ve seen are definitely making me hesitate on purchasing it. But if there are some good reviews then I can’t wait to explore this game 😀 great post!

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