‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ clutch edited to look like ‘Minecraft’


A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clip showing off an impressive clutch play has been edited so the heads-up display (HUD) looks like Minecraft.

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As reported by PC Gamer, Reddit user klenkluke posted the video to r/csgo, which has around 4,400 upvotes. Viewable below, it very accurately translates plenty of details from the Minecraft user interface (UI) onto CSGO.

CS:GO, but it´s Minecraft from csgo


The gun is represented by a bow, the chat font looks straight out of everyone’s favourite block game, and the bomb timer even has a boss bar at the top of the screen.

To be clear, this isn’t a mod, as someone in the Reddit thread asked klenkluke if it was, and they replied, “it’s post [production] using screenshots of each inv state lol, but would be really amazing to have this as a mod somehow.”

Counter-Strike Global Offensive CS:GOCounter-Strike: Global Offensive. Credit: Valve

What this video really uses to its advantage is the music and sound effects of Minecraft. Both are iconic, and both are quite tranquil, which as PC Gamer also notes, creates quite a different atmosphere for when you decide it’s time to clutch a game.

A clutch is when someone wins an online game with the odds heavily stacked against them, be that time or being the last person on a team and taking out the entire opposing side. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clip was a 1v4 with klenkluke successfully planting and having the bomb explode, so it’s definitely a clutch.

In other news, the #ADayOffTwitch protest from September 1 that saw many creators and viewers stay off the platform for one day caused a sizable drop in concurrent viewers. The average seems to have dropped by around 1million, from 4.5million to 3.5million.

The protest took place as a way for streamers to tell Twitch they think the response to the problem of hate raids was inadequate.


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