Clash Of Clans Reveals Three New Games: Clash Quest – Mini & Heroes

Clash of Clans developer Supercell recently announced three upcoming titles set in the Clash universe. Clash of Clans is a free mobile strategy game which, after launching in 2012, has remained one of the most popular and successful mobile games of all time. In 2016 Supercell launched Clash Royale, a new mobile game in the same universe which combines card collection and tower defense mechanics.

Mobile gaming has continued to rise in popularity in recent years, coinciding with the proliferation of smart phones. One of the most popular mobile games in the industry, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, recently hit a major milestone of one billion downloads. The mobile version of the popular battle royale shooter launched worldwide in 2018, and this new landmark indicates that the title is still increasing in popularity. It was also recently announced that a mobile version of Rocket League, subtitled Rocket League Sideswipe, will be arriving later this year. The mobile version of the high-speed vehicular soccer game, developed by Psyonix and originally released in 2015, will utilize a free-to-play model which is popular amongst mobile games.

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Clash of Clans developer Supercell recently announced three new mobile games, titled Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. According to the Clash website these games will all take place within the same shared Clash universe but will feature a variety of different gameplay styles. Clash Quest is a turn-based strategy adventure, wherein players will explore brand new island locations and create devastating troop combinations. Clash Mini will adopt the style of a strategic board game, with players setting up fighters who will then battle it out automatically. Clash Heroes, perhaps the most unique of the announced titles, appears to feature real-time combat as players battle deadly foes and complete epic quests. While none of these titles were given official release dates, they are expected to release in the near future.

Possibly due to the COVID-19 pandemic reducing in-person contact, mobile games have flourished in popularity in the past year. Among Us, a game that originally released in 2018, experienced a massive surge in popularity last year which has carried into 2021. The cooperative online title recently received a brand new map, the Airship, with even more content still planned for the future. Another big mobile title, Call of Duty Mobile, is expected to receive new content in the near future such as a new map and a new Zombies mode.

Clash of Clans has remained very popular years after its launch, with frequent updates to keep players interested. Now, Supercell’s three brand new games are sure to breathe new life into the franchise by adding new styles of gameplay while maintaining the universe’s iconic art style. While no release dates have been given, those interested in mobile strategy titles should keep an eye on this new Clash of Clans trinity.

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