‘Civilization VI’ devs detail Season 2 of ‘Red Death’

Civilization VI

Firaxis Games has revealed the changes headed to Civilization VI in a new community update video.

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Leading the update is Season 2 of Civilization VI’s battle royale mode, Red Death, which will introduce two new factions: Aliens and Zombies. The extraterrestrials’ units will have a cloaking ability for stealth, as well as health regeneration.

On the other hand, the zombies, who are led by “a brain in a jar”, have the ability to convert enemy units into the walking dead. However, players who choose the faction must learn to manage troops carefully as zombie units take damage every turn.

In addition, Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean, who provides voiceover work for the standard mode of Civilization VI, has returned to narrate Red Death. Other changes for the battle royale include Observer mode and unique abilities for Season 1 factions.

The update also addresses bugs in the standard mode of Civilization VI, including exploits such as being able to choose multiple pantheon bonuses and the ability to build multiple of the same district in one city. The upcoming patch will also feature balance fixes and tweaked victory conditions.

Watch the community update video below.

The new Civilization VI patch is expected to arrive on June 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Season 2 of Red Death is also set for release on the same date, but will only be accessible on PC.

Last month, Fraxis released the Maya and Gran Colombia pack for Civilization VI. It is the first update of the Frontier Pass, a season pass system for the game that will add eight new civilisations, nine leaders and six fresh game modes over the course of a year.

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