‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Season 5: everything you need to know about Games Of Summer

Call Of Duty Warzone Games of Summer

Hot on the heels of its in-game Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War reveal, Call Of Duty: Warzone is now playing host to a brand-new player event titled Games Of Summer.

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For players who are returning to the game after a short break, or those who are playing for the first time, Games Of Summer is an extremely unique event that hasn’t been done before in the battle royale. The event is currently live for both Warzone and Modern Warfare players as part of their fifth seasons.

Ready to find out more? Read on and learn all you need to know about Games Of Summer below.

What is Call Of Duty: Warzone Games of Summer?

Games Of Summer is a limited-time event for Call Of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare that pits players against one another as they represent their own countries. The event has a list of skill-based trials where players have to compete through to win bronze, silver and gold medals.

When does Games Of Summer take place?

The event kicked off on Friday, August 28 and runs until Monday, September 7.

The five different trials in Games Of Summer were unlocked progressively from launch date until September 1. .All trials will leave the game when the event ends on September 7.

What trials are included in Games Of Summer?

There are a total of five trials for players to compete in, ranging from basic run-and-gun courses to shooting ranges. Check out full details below.

The first trial is Risky Parkour. This course requires players to finish an obstacle course as fast as possible, while trying to avoid heavy toxic gas on low ground.

Medal Times: 0:55:00 (Bronze) / 0:47:00 (Silver) / 0:40:00 (Gold)

The second trial is the Marksman Challenge. Players are challenged with taking out targets with an HDR sniper rifle at long-range before time runs out. If you miss a shot, you lose time on the clock.

Medal Times: 3,400 (Bronze) / 3,900 (Silver) / 4,400 (Gold)

The third trial is Price’s Alley, where you must take out endless waves of enemy targets with a Renetti handgun, while building up combos for higher score. If you hit a civilian, you lose the combo.

Medal Scores: 4,000 (Bronze) / 5,000 (Silver) / 6,000 (Gold)

Call Of Duty Warzone Games of SummerCall Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision

The fourth trial is Gun Course, which is a basic run-and-gun course in classic Call Of Duty fashion. Players must make their way through it as fast as possible, while taking out enemies but avoiding injuring civilians.

Medal Times: 01:30:00 (Bronze) / 01:00:00 (Silver) / 00:40:00 (Gold)

The final trial in Games Of Summer Shooting Range, where you must find and shoot every target in the area while trying to save as much ammo as possible.

Medal Times: 0:50:00 (Bronze) / 0:40:00 (Silver) / 0:30:00 (Gold)

What rewards are available in Games Of Summer?

All players who participate in the Call Of Duty: Warzone event will receive a Games Of Summer Cup charm for their weapons.

Each trial gives you the potential to win bronze, silver and gold medals. If you win a gold medal on your first try, you will receive all three medals. For each medal, you receive a single reward, selected from a range of cosmetics. You also can win rewards such as calling cards, XP tokens, vehicle cosmetics like skins and horns, as well as Legendary and Epic weapon blueprints.

Call Of Duty Warzone Games of SummerCall Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision

Players who win the gold medal in every trial will receive a special Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet blueprint, which Activision calls a “gold standard” in the list of blueprints for the gun. Additional to these individual awards, the country you represent will get points based on what medals you win, with the top 15 countries being displayed on a leaderboard.

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