Watch Real-Life Squid Game Tournament In Mr. Beast’s YouTube Video

Watch real-life Squid Game tournament in Mr. Beast’s YouTube video. Netflix scored one of its biggest hits of all-time with this year’s dystopian sci-fi tale of a mysterious tournament pitting ordinary debt-ridden South Korean citizens against each other in a deadly battle royale. Squid Game indeed struck a chord with international audiences for its depiction of a hopelessly cruel societal microcosm where figuring out the rules is just the beginning when it comes to survival. Adding to the show’s sense of brutal irony is the nature of the games themselves,…

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I’m Back To Watching Video Game YouTube For Fun: Here’s What I Liked

Life has been a little stressful lately. At first, that pushed me to turn to video games for escapism⁠—something I’d not really done before. This week, I’ve found myself too tired to binge through Fire Emblem. But it still felt weird to be more disconnected to gaming, so I returned to something I haven’t done for my… Read more… Read more:

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