The Sims Spawns A Reality TV Show

Ever pop on your TV or streaming service and just look for some real weird reality TV to binge watch? Maybe a show where people get married to people they don’t know or can’t see. Maybe a show where you have a baking contest or a cook off. Now, you can take your love of The Sims into that world of wild reality, as players face off in a battle to create the best stories inside the game in Sims Spark’d. Forget getting Punk’d, it’s time to get… Spark’d? 12…

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How Ninja’s new deal with Adidas shows gamers are just like your favorite athlete

Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images We’re watching Ninja change people’s perceptions in real time. Ninja is changing how the average person thinks about gamers in a way that hasn’t been done before, and didn’t seem possible for a long time. Tuesday, he announced a deal with Adidas. It’s not his first big endorsement — he’s partnered with Samsung and Red Bull previously, both pretty big names. He also recently left Twitch to stream on Mixer in a huge snag for Microsoft. No shortcuts. Only long days. Never let…

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