Women Are Sharing 30 Widespread Myths About Themselves That Are Not Only Incorrect, But Also Infuriating

Do you ever wonder how much better people could communicate and be empathetic towards each other if we didn’t treat men and women like completely different species? It’s a cultural weakness that causes people to not only assume they already know another person’s intentions or feelings just because of their gender, but even to limit themselves and their friendships with people of their own gender. And so much of it could be solved by asking people questions and listening to what they have to say in their own words, instead…

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An Internet Troll Told Marvel Studio’s First Solo Female Superhero To Smile, So She Shut Him Down In Epic Way

Why do men ask women to smile? This phenomenon occurs frequently enough to demand an explanation, I have unconsciously done it myself a few times in the past. Do we do it with a genuine intention of spreading cheer and positivity? Or is there a more sinister, controlling motive behind it? Brie Larson, star of Marvel’s first superhero movie with a solo female lead, has been bombarded with online trolls since the release of the trailer for ‘Captain Marvel,’ asking why she is not sporting a ‘cheesy’ grin. Some even…

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