Over 10k People Have Signed A Petition To Make Danny DeVito The New Wolverine

Once again, it’s safe to say that you never know what might go viral online. Recently, a rather popular form of viral content is signing petitions for the most ridiculous reasons. Despite the fact that almost everyone is pretty sure these petitions have zero results, Internet users just can’t help themselves but sign at least one ridiculous petition a day. The most recent one is already taking the Internet by storm and we can only hope it comes true. Because if it does, we will have so many amazing memes…

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34 Hilarious Photos Showing How Much Marvel Superheroes Changed In 10 Years

This week alone we’ve got to see hundreds of photos under the ‘#10yearchallenge’ hashtag, starting from some stunning transformations and ending in hilarious memes from all across the internet. And while it seems that that pool’s been drained, there are still some hidden gems waiting to be picked up. One of them, the undeniable icon of our pop culture, Marvel universe, is another excellent source of entertainment. If heroes from that world had social media profiles, we’re pretty sure they’d post something under the infamous hashtag. So scroll down and…

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