Someone Is Photoshopping Animals Everywhere And People Want More (35 Pics)

Some people are such huge fans of the natural world that they keep seeing animals everywhere they look. One of these people loves animals so much that they photoshop them onto random objects and post them on the ‘Animals in Things’ Instagram page. The results are striking. If you love animals and all things cute, grab yourself a hot cup of tea or some popcorn, and start scrolling. Upvote your fave animalized things, and let us know what you think of the photoshopper’s work, as well as which pieces, in…

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18 Comics About My Job In The Tech Biz

I’ve been wondering around with this idea of creating an illustrated blog for quite some time now and its finally here! As part of our “new world” where we cant just settle for only a regular job, I was looking for a way to merge my love and passion to art and comics illustration with my job in the tech biz. Then it hit me, it was right there all along! “Let’s create a comics out of those real-life moments in the office” – it was like love from first…

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