30 Before And After Shots That Show How Much Effort Is Put Into Hollywood SFX Makeup

The amount of time and effort, sweat and tears that go into making movies is impressive. Just take a look at the intricacies required in applying movie makeup on Hollywood actors. Even characters who we think don’t need any serious makeup can take hours and hours to get ready for the set. Not to mention how much effort goes into making fantasy and sci-fi characters look believable. To show you just how much work it takes to do Hollywood-tier makeup, we’ve collected some of the best before and after, as…

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Patrick Stewart confirms he’ll return as Captain Picard

Patrick Stewart confirmed Saturday that he will return to CBS as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. In a note on Twitter, Stewart wrote he was looking forward to rebooting his most famous TV role, saying, “I feel I’m ready to return to him … to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times.” In June, it was reported that CBS was developing more Star Trek shows, and there were rumors Stewart would return to his iconic role. The Hollywood Reporter reported Stewart won’t star in…

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