‘Skyrim: Anniversary Edition’ mod lets players choose additional content

Skyrim Anniversary Edition

A new mod for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition allows players to pick and choose the creation club content they want to use.

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Skyrim: Anniversary Edition comes with 74 premium creation club content pieces that are automatically downloaded and installed when the game is launched. However, not everyone wants to use every piece of content, and those who go further with modding can benefit from fewer files in their data folder.

To help alleviate this issue, Darkfox 127 has released the Skyrim Anniversary Edition Content Picker (first spotted by PCGamer), allowing players to choose which pieces of additional content they would like to download and install.

“If you purchased the Anniversary upgrade for Skyrim or maybe even purchased the game for the first time, you may have noticed that upon loading the game, the Creation Club proceeds to download all 74 pieces of CC content and place it in your Skyrim Data folder in the form of ESL and BSA files, rather than collating everything one or multiple bundles of content,” says the mod page.

“As frustrating as that may be to deal with, it was probably the best choice for compatibility with potential mods making changes to CC content, and it also allows this FOMOD Installer to exist. AECP allows the player to choose which pieces of content you install whilst also allowing your mod manager to manage the files, rather than leaving them making a mess in your otherwise neat and tidy Data folder.”

A video also accompanies the mod’s release to allow for an easy install. However, Darkfox encourages everyone to read both the mod page and video description before commenting for help.

“For the love of Talos, read this and pay attention otherwise, this FOMOD isn’t going to work for you, and I won’t be replying to comments stating that it doesn’t work because you failed to read both the mod page, installer info or even watch the video.”

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